Mission Statement
Our program is dedicated towards the development of our youth both on the basketball court and in life. We believe that sports are a great way to teach youth the values of hard work, team work, and discipline. All of which will carry over to all walks of life. From a basketball standpoint, our objectives are pretty simple: We strive for excellent conditioning, thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the game, and advanced schemes that will give each player a head start when they reach high school.

Why “Jokers”?
We started as a randomly selected team in a local "rec" league. The name we were given at that time was the "Celtics". After the season ended the majority of the players stayed together in order to form a travel team in hopes of one day competing at the AAU level. Within 6 months the program grew into 3 different teams. We then began competing in AAU level tournaments. After entering into a partnership with NIKE we ordered all new custom jerseys for the teams. But before ordering the jerseys, we put it up for vote to continue to use the "Celtics" likeness or to change our name to something more original. The players chose "Jokers" and voted unanimously for the switch. And being that Coach Riff's favorite holiday is April Fools Day, it was a perfect fit.

How many players per team?
We will limit the rosters to 10 players per team.
The purpose of this is to maximize playing time & player development.

When/Where  are “tryouts”?
Tryouts are ongoing. We are always looking to add new talent. Please contact us for more info.

What is the process?
1. Contact the coach
2. Attend a practice to see if it is a good fit for your child.
3. If it is a good fit, register for the season.

What if my child plays in other club sports such as baseball?
We do not believe in robbing youth of their childhood. If your child plays in another sport at a serious level, we will do our best to accomodate your schedule. Nobody should be forced to choose only one sport to play.

Are we a 501c3?
We are set up as a non-profit organization so all contributions to the organization are tax deductible for you.

Can we donate for tax purposes?
Yes. Any additional donations made are tax deductible and will go to off-set fees for families in need.

Are corporate sponsors permitted?
Yes. We are always looking for outside support. If you know of a company that would like to advertise and support the program, please let us know.

What is a OTA?
An OTA is a "Organized Team Activity" such as going to the Movies or a night at Dave & Busters. We schedule at least 1 of these per month. It is a powerful tool for the players bonding and forming a good chemistry outside of the basketball court that translates to better communication, sacrifice, and teamwork on the court.

Where will tournaments & shootouts be held?
Currently we try to keep things local within Orange County.

What is the difference between a “shootout” and a “tournament”?
A shootout is a one day event usually held on Saturday with no “champion”. A team will play 2 to 3 games in a single day against like competition.
A tournament has games on Saturday and Sunday and a “champion” is crowned.

Irvine Jokers AAU Club Travel Youth Basketball Team 
Founded in 2012